Year-Round Flavors

These are the all-time favorite flavors that we carry year-round, and which you can find in the signature bonbon boxes.

  • “Exotic Escape” Passion Fruit Caramel

    Vibrant passion fruit coulis on top of luscious caramel ganache.

    The bonbon captures the essence of Thailand’s lively spirit, tropical allure and abundance of exotic fruit.

  • “Piedmont Delight” Hazelnut Crunch

    Hazelnut gianduja with crunchy Paillete Feuilletine flakes.

    The bonbon pays tribute to the rolling hills of Piedmont, Italy with its long-standing association with hazelnuts, which thrive in the region’s climate and soil. With hazelnuts being used in confectionery and beyond, the bonbon reflects the essence of Italian cuisine.

    (Contains gluten, nuts)

  • "Tropical Vibes" Mango Passion Fruit

    Lively passion fruit-mango white chocolate ganache

    Inspired by the idyllic Caribbean beaches, soothing rhythms of turquoise waters and the rich tapestry of flavors found in the Caribbean cuisine. The combination of mango and passion fruit resonates with the medley of vibrant and juicy fruits that thrive in the Caribbean's sun-soaked climate.

  • “Citrus Sunshine” Lemon Paradise

    Fluffy lemon marshmallow atop lemon ganache - all sitting on top of a soft cookie layer

    This bonbon is inspired by the vibrant Mediterranean spirit and zest for life found in the heart of Greek culture, where food is a celebration of community and shared moments.

    (Contains nuts, gluten)

  • “Paris Romance” Raspberry Caramel

    Soft caramel ganache with aromatic raspberry puree

    This bonbon is an ode to Paris, France, the City of Love’s timeless romance and culinary finesse. Let this bonbon transport you to the charming cafes along the Seine where moments are savored and artistry is celebrated.

  • “Keys Breeze” Key Lime Pie

    Refreshing Key Lime ganache sitting atop soft cookie layer

    The bonbon transforms a classic dessert into a bite-sized tropical escape. The bonbon is a tantalizing homage to the laid-back elegance of the Florida Keys and captures the essence of leisurely days under the sun.

    (Contains nuts, gluten)

  • “Sultana’s Secret” Pistachio Crunch

    Pistachio gianduja with crunchy Paillete Feuilletine flakes

    The bonbon is inspired by Turkey and its deep-rooted love for pistachios. It draws inspiration from the vibrant and buzzing bazaars of Istanbul and its warm hospitality, where meals are a time-honored ritual to be savored and shared.

    (Contains gluten, nuts)

  • "Maldon Shores" Salted Caramel

    Creamy caramel ganache with a touch of Maldon sea salt

    The bonbon pays homage to Maldon, England - a coastal town famed for its artisanal Maldon Sea Salt, which is used in this filling to create an intricate harmony of sweet and salty.

      Seasonal Flavors

      These are the flavors that we rotate based on season and holiday:

      Orange creamsicle

      Strawberry Balsamic

      Earl Grey

      Peanut Butter and Jelly





      Caramel Pie

      Dark Chocolate Rose


      Raspberry Lemonade


      Black Currant Caramel

      Strawberry Banana


      Coffe Dulche de Leche

      Honey Hazelnut

      Butter Cookies

      Maple Pecan

      Cafe Mocha

      Raspberry Lychee Rose

      Gingerbread Spice

      Hot Chocolate

      Peppermint Mocha

      Pure Dark