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I'm Kate, the owner and chocolatier at Konfeta Chocolaterie, and I welcome you to my chocolate shop!

Fueled by my curiosity and eagerness to learn about how the everyday things we use are made, I pursued a degree in Chemical Engineering at the University of Calgary. After graduating and working in the industry for a few years, I decided to take my experience and apply it to something different. Pastry and confectionery have been areas of immense interest for as long as I can remember, offering a space where I could blend my artistic and scientific sides in ways that are both pleasantly challenging and exhilarating. Being confined at home during the 2020 pandemic, I challenged myself to take a few online artisanal chocolate-making courses. Applying the newly-acquired knowledge to craft Christmas gifts for my family and friends, my passion for all things chocolate-covered ignited and bubbled into a small business. Now, I’m here to offer you some gift-worthy chocolate creations that you can enjoy and spread the love by sharing them with others.

About the Product

The bonbon menu offers a selection of all-time favorite flavors that are available year-round. There are also limited-edition seasonal products released before Christmas, Valentine's day, Easter, Mother's day and Halloween.

We are always committed to continuously improving the current offerings and experiences so that you, as a customer, can always look forward to something new and exciting!

Where to Find

You can experience Konfeta creations by ordering on this website or visiting us at a market/event (please see the calendar).

It's all in the name - "Konfeta":

The word "konfeta" has its origin in the Italian language. In Italian, "confetto" is the singular form, and "confetti" is the plural form. It comes from the Latin word "conficere," which means "to prepare" or "to make."

Originally, "confetti" referred to sugared almonds that were served as traditional treats during special occasions like weddings, baptisms, and other celebrations. Over time, the term evolved to encompass a broader range of sugary confections, including various types of candy-coated sweets or small candies.

In some countries and cultures, "konfeta" or similar variations of the word are still used to refer to sweets, especially those served during celebrations or given as gifts. For me, this name is associated with delightful treats and joyous occasions.