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Assorted Mendiants

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The mediants are chocolate disks topped with a variety of dried fruits, berries, nuts and crispy pearls; coloured with natural colourant powders.


Dark Chocolate 64% Disk -  candied orange peel, candied pecans

Milk Chocolate Disk - dried apricots, candied hazelnuts 

Caramelized White Chocolate Disk - candied pecans, Feuilletine flakes, milk chocolate crispy pearls 

Ruby Chocolate Disk - dried raspberries, almonds, white chocolate crispy pearls

Matcha White Chocolate Disk - dried cranberries, almonds, sesame seeds

Turmeric White Chocolate Disk - coconut flakes, dried cranberries, cashews


High-quality couverture chocolate is used in all of the products.

No artificial flavors or preservatives.

Allergy Alert:

This product contains milk, soy, nuts, eggs, and gluten.

Shelf life: 2 months 

Storage conditions: dark and dry place at 16±3°C

As this is a handcrafted product, pictures may vary from actual contents.